Stone Energy

All of the information contained on this page is from a wonderful book called:
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall (click on the title find this book on

Amazonite: This stone protects against environmental pollution. It combines intellect and intuition and has many healing properties which include improving your skin, personal relationships, and social interaction.    

Amethyst: A powerful healer since it relieves physical and emotional pain and boosts hormones. It has been called the “stone of contentment” and it promotes spiritual awareness and brings serenity.   

Aventurine: It enhances creativity and brings prosperity, while absorbing electromagnetic stress and diffusing negativity. Aventurine is said to calm a troubled mind and bring inner peace, and may increase confidence.

Carnelian: Improves analytical abilities and clarifies perception. It also motivates success in business and aids positive life choices. It is also good for women looking to enhance their reproductive system.

Fluorite: Fluorite absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress.  An excellent learning aid and can increase powers of concentration, self-confidence and decision-making.  It encourages positivity, and improves balance and coordination.

Goldstone: This sparkling manmade stone with glass and tiny copper flecks is believed to store the energy of those who touch it, making it a great gift for loved ones.

Jasper: Jasper helps with creative visualization and taking responsibility properly, while also eliminating toxins from the body, stabilizing the heart and solar plexus, aiding dream recall and prolonging sexual pleasure.
Kyanite: This stone brings vivid dreams, aids with dream recall and visualization and protects during sleep and meditation. It also can increase loyalty, honesty and tranquility and diminish anger and confusion.

Labradorite: Labradorite brings clarity of thought and wisdom to bring forth strength. It promotes strength of will and a feeling of inner worth, while helping balance and stimulate your metabolism.

Mother of Pearl: This shell is believed to stimulate intuition, imagination, adaptability and clarity in decision-making. Found in the tropical seas, mostly in Asia, it comes from the smooth inner surface of shells.    

Onyx: Onyx can help eliminate apathy, stress and neurological disorders, eliminate negative thinking and sharpen your wits. It is used to change habits, help with concentration levels and help with absentmindedness.    

Quartz (Crystal): The most powerful healer and energy amplifier, it is considered the best all-purpose crystal. It can also cleanse the mind, body and soul and strengthen the alignment with higher self.

Quartz (Rose): Often called the "love stone," it opens the heart to all forms of love: self, family, platonic and romantic. It brings gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, raises self-esteem and removes anger.    

Quartz (Smoky): Believed to be excellent for grounding and removing negativity, it relieves fear and depression while enhancing positive thoughts. It can also aid in the body acceptance and strengthen virility.

Rhodonite: This stone balances physical and mental energies, nurtures love and encourages brotherhood of humanity. It also aids confidence, alleviates confusion and helps maintain good health by supporting the nervous system.

Sea Bamboo: Offering a powerful boost to the physical body, it fortifies and strengthens one’s core. It supports the skeletal and muscular systems, strengthens bones and ligaments and increases flexibility and strength.    

Serpentine: Said to enhance meditation and aid retrieval of wisdom and memories from past lives, it promotes a long life, eliminates parasites and opens new pathways for kundalini (sexual) energy.

Sodalite: It unites logic and intuition, eliminates confusion and encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuitive perception and emotional balance while calming the mind and allowing new information to be processed.

Swarovski Crystal: Very high quality man-made Austrian crystal.  The world’s leading brand for over 100 years. *We have no affiliation with Swarovski outside of using their beads in our jewellery*

Tiger Eye: It protects, aids in accomplishing goals and with power use, while helping recognize inner resources and bring out clarity of intention. Red tiger-eye is heat treated for an earthy tone.

Turquoise: This stone is said to heals, protects and promotes spiritual attunement by purifying, dispelling negative energy and provides spiritual healing. It promotes self-realization, problem solving and enhances the immune system.

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