We love our clients and they love us!

It makes me blush to read so many positive comments...

“Tai Knots jewellery continues to be a strong seller at my store. Customers love the designs and the creative use of colour and they regularly check back to see what new pieces we have for sale. What I love best is that it's easy to wear! There's never any concern that a bracelet or necklace won't fit because it's easy to change the size with the extenders and that makes it easy to sell.”
– Gina Petrocco - Owner, Lasting Impressions Gifts, Manotick, ON

“When Rachel Norman emerged on the jewelry scene it was so refreshing! Tai Knots pieces are incredibly versatile, and whenever I wear one, I always receive compliments with the subsequent question, 'Where did you get that!?’ "
– Karen Soloman, CBC News Ottawa Producer

“Rachel introduced me to the pleasure of wearing jewellery a few years ago when I tried on my first Tai Knots bracelet. Now, I love to layer up necklaces and play with color. I appreciate the versatility of the sliding clasp, so I can create different looks. The unique designs, the quality of the materials and the work that Rachel does all contribute to making Tai Knots a smart investment for every woman. It's a challenge these days to put a unique stamp on your look and this is a great way to do it!”
– Kathie Donovan, author and speaker www.kathiedonovan.com

“I love Tai Knots jewellery! I'm very particular about my wardrobe and believe that if you are going to be a professional in this world, you need to not only act the part, but look the part. I find that Tai Knots jewellery adds a wonderful level of class to my wardrobe and I wear my jewellery with pride. All of Rachel’s products are quality, beautiful and durable. I highly recommend her and her masterpieces.”
– Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author and bestseller maker

“I just came back from “2 Magazine's Couple Makeover” in Cancun, and one of my favourite parts of the experience was wearing all of your beautiful jewelry for our photo shoots, and especially, getting to pick a set that I loved to take home. From the first moment I saw the Terracotta Sand Single Line Necklace, I fell in love with it! I am wearing it today at the office and have received so many compliments already, and have been sharing your website with my colleagues. Best of luck with your enterprise, and you can be proud that your jewellery gives such pleasure and comfort to others. We love our beautiful jewellery.”
– Maria Fauser, Toronto ON

“Love it, love it, love it! All of it! The exquisite stones paired with the fabulous designs keep me coming back season after season. The collections are breathtakingly beautiful and make me feel good just having them on. I receive so many compliments and feel like I am wearing the elite jewellery of the celebrities!! So many styles, so little time....”
– Christina Mazzarotti, VP Sales and Marketing, Allea Marketing, Rockland, ON


“All the pieces I own are beautiful and I wear them with love. I have given your website out to a number of friends and co-workers because they love the necklaces I wear to work. Thank you so much!”
– Jackie N., Richmond ON

“My order arrived today and it was better than Christmas! Gorgeous pieces – the sea bamboo is an even prettier that I thought. I will get a lot of use out of that set. And the mauve necklace is exactly what I needed to complete a suit I got last year. All the new pieces are so wonderfully beautiful – thanks very much!”
– Constance C., Gloucester ON

"I have to say, I am impressed! Speedy service, zero hassle, and friendly correspondence. It will be a super Christmas present for Erin. I hope you have much success and a feeling of real accomplishment with your business for many years! With many thanks, and kindest regards."
– Ian H., Dartmouth, NS

"I gave my sister her clear quartz necklace, and she just loved it! She's in the arts in New York – an executive with the Guggenheim. She had several events last week and everyone loved her necklace, including a very wealthy woman who is dressed by Issey Myake (he actually dresses her). Congratulations!
– Louise G., Toronto ON

"I'm allergic to the metal in costume jewellery and most silver, so I often wore no jewellery at all or I sported a red rash for several days after wearing what I could afford. But that was before I discovered Tai Knots. I can wear her gems comfortably and without emptying my wallet. It's no surprise that Tai Knots is now very nearly the only jewellery you'll find in my home."
– Kimberlee Templeton, Halifax, NS

« Bravo pour ton talent et ton imagination! Maintenant, j'aurai toujours un de tes bracelets dans mon bras, ils vont avec tout! C'est un vrai plaisir pour moi de voir quelqu'un avec un si beau talent! Merci! Je suis très contente de t'encourager! Bravo! »
– Catherine D., Montreal QC